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Tonnellerie Marques, decadent French oak barrels, hand made by two master artisan coopers in Martillac, Bordeaux (France). Very limited production; only 18 barrels per day, and very cost conscious. Premium forests like Jupille, Fountainbleu, Chateauroux, Bommiers, Vosges (high and low plateau), and in 22 or 27mm staves, Burgundy (228L) and Bordeaux (225L) style barrels, hybrids (265L) and up to 400L puncheons.

Bordeaux export 225 L Bordeaux chateau ferre 225 L Bordeaux chateau 225 L
Burgundy export 228 L Burgundy tradition 228 L Export Barrel 300 L

Export Barrel
350 L, 400 L, 500 L, 600 L


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